Pastor Nathan J. Cooper, Sr.
In October 1987, Pastor Cooper was lead by the Holy Spirit to organize
The Church Congregation, now known as Northwest Community Church.        
Pastor Cooper and his wife Carolyn, now married 47 years, accompanied by        
their three children organized the church. Pastor Cooper and his family were    
former members of New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church where he was   
licensed and ordained by the late Reverend Nathaniel (Hambone) Lewis whom  
served as his  Pastor and Father in Ministry. Pastor Cooper is a native of Shreveport,
Louisiana.  He graduated in 1965 from Booker T. Washington High School.         
He graduated   from Chanute Tech in Rantoul, Illinois. He served in the          
United States Air Force,  the Vietnam War and received an honorable discharge.
Pastor Cooper retired from Delta Airlines after 28 years of service
                            Statement of Faith
I believe in one God, the Father Almighty, maker of all things known and unknown      
in heaven and earth, visible and invisible. One Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten        
Son of God who became the Living Word of God in Flesh, for our salvation, born          
of the Virgin Mary, died on the cross and rose the third day with all power in His hand,
and ascended back to the right hand of the Father and will come again for a church
without a spot or a wrinkle, whose Kingdom will have no end.  I believe in the Holy
Spirit   that comes from the Father and Son that guides us in all ways of truth. One
way that we receive the revelation of God's truth is through the Bible, man's written
word yet inspired by God. We are a non-denominational church body that believes in
the entire bible, both Old and New Testaments, primarily the King James Version.        
I believe that the study from the original King James Version to be true and more  
accurate without new day revision, thereby safeguarding us from adding or taking away
from the Word of God that is intended for our comprehension.
Pastor Nathan J. Cooper, Sr.
First Lady Carolyn Cooper
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