Northwest Community Church
4401 West Richey Road Houston, Texas 77066
I would like to show my appreciation towards you---the supporters and hard
workers of the NORTHWEST COMMUNITY CHURCH Building Fund.  
Without your efforts and dedication, our mission last year could not have
been accomplished.  We recognize the hard work and the sacrifices that you
all have made throughout the year by honoring your building fund pledge,
and working on various programs which I believe led to our great success.  
I would like to thank you in advance for  your future pledges and support
for this year. We must strive to develop characteristics much like Nehemiah,
whereby we challenge one another to arise and work toward the move from
Trickey Road  to Richey Road, despite opposition that we undoubtedly face
from outside forces and doubters from within.  Let us embrace the vision to
move forward, be undaunted in our task, and mindful not to grow weary
due to opposition. Keep the vision alive in your heart, and continue to
trust in God.  
We (the church) will get there!
Northwest we love you, and certainly appreciate
all you have done and
continue to do.


Deacon Charles Lewis
Building Fund Chairman

Thank you for visiting the Northwest Community Church website.
We would love for you to worship with us.  If you would like to
make a donation to our Building Fund,
please send your donation to:
Northwest Community Church
P.O. Box 670012
Houston, Texas 77267-0012
For with God nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37
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